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31 More AMDGPU DC/DAL Patches Enter The Queue

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  • 31 More AMDGPU DC/DAL Patches Enter The Queue

    Phoronix: 31 More AMDGPU DC/DAL Patches Enter The Queue

    AMD's Harry Wentland has sent out the latest round of patches to the yet-to-be-merged DC display stack (formerly known as "DAL") for the AMDGPU kernel driver...

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    The most frustrating aspect to me about lack of DC is no HDMI/DP audio on AMDGPU for recent Radeon GPUs.
    This! Go, go, go, AMD


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      I still haven't been able to get surround with the amd-staging kernel. I haven't gotten around to filing a good bug report about it yet. It wasn't the only issue either, last time I tried it, the screen refresh seemed to get stuck.


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          Unfortunately, I am too dumb to package and build a kernel for Debian :-(



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            From my understanding, we haven't heard anything from AMD devs regarding a target release to merge. I don't think it's reasonable to expect 4.13, 4.14, or even 4.15. We also don't know if DC will be flat-out rejected like it was last time they attempted a merge since they've not yet had a request for comments in a long time from upstream.


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              sigh the RX 480 I bought just for the DAL/DC features is getting close to a year old now. If I remember correctly, the original estimate for getting support merged was the end of that summer -.-

              Hopefully we hear something official soon.


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                How about 4.11?


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                  >add thousand lines
                  >remove two thousand lines

                  I wish I had commits like that...


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                    The current amd-staging branch breaks vsync on my POLARIS10 card, makes vsync variable between 30 and 45 hz on my (fixed) 60 hz monitor; turning vsync off often yields 300+ fps in games and 8000+ in windowed applications. This is by no means anywhere near ready to merge.

                    Maybe Andrey's patch fixes this though, it says "fix slow fps" and all. ;- )

                    I wonder if these are available in a branch somewhere, it would be nice not to have to apply the patches out of a mailing list I wasn't subscribed to.
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