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Meson Support Has Landed In The X.Org Server

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  • Meson Support Has Landed In The X.Org Server

    Phoronix: Meson Support Has Landed In The X.Org Server

    Initial Meson build system integration has landed in the xorg-server code-base for testing...

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    This is great news for anyone who develops C++. Meson is so much nicer than CMake, and light years ahead of Autotools. A lot of big name projects have been adopting it, such as Wayland, Gnome, GStreamer, etc...


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      Meson's a good step up from autotools (can't believe I have to say it that way), so I'm glad it's getting some traction. Maybe some day there will be more Meson than Autotools builds on a typical day.


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        Can it build only Xwayland without Xvfb, Xephyr, nest, and Xdmx?

        Some of us who run Wayland don't need all of that other stuff.


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          What is Meson supposed to fix? What kind of projects would you use it for?
          I'm really unfamiliar with it, but curious at the same time.

          (Please don't tell me it's better than autotools, almost anything is better than that )


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            Originally posted by bug77 View Post
            What is Meson supposed to fix?
            Slow performance, high learning curve and error-prone configuration of other build system AFAIU