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Mediatek MT2701 Display Support Coming For Linux 4.12

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    Originally posted by R00KIE View Post

    Do you have any historical data to back that up?
    Instead of bring a complete snot about what you think The company does you might want to look at publically availsble data.
    A single data point does not make them a big contributor to the kernel, not to mention that there are single individuals that have contributed more than the whole of mediatek, so big is relative.
    Of course there are individukas with massive commit histories, that doesnt lessen the fact that Mediatek is working on supporting their SoC in the kernel. Note "their chips" which are oroduced by a small company building low margin components. You cant expect Mediatek to employ massive teams of developers like Intel does. They have however expanded development teams as sales permit.

    Your nonsense is a lot like the grief thrown at the likes of ODroid and other ARM single board computer makers. Sure it would be nice if they had massive development teams for their latest 64 bit boards but to do that you need sales to support those teams. They dont so either the overloaded developers in house work on suppirt or thet wait for upstream to pump out support in new kernels. This thing that floats about the net about how evil companies are is often complete nonsense. There are real limits on what companies can do and how fast they can adapt and update. As far as Mediatek and other ARM processor companies go it is in their best interest to get support into the kernel for their hardware, they know this.