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Students Are Missing Out On An Incredible Opportunity To Get Involved With Mesa, Wayland

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    Originally posted by cen1 View Post
    As a former student I can hardly imagine myself getting involved in mesa at that time. The knowledge required is simply too high unless you are a graphics enthusiast at that age somehow.
    how you can talk about what you don't know is a mystery. First learn to learn then you can talk about what have you learned. The first rule to know is to know to not know enough.
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      This has been a problem this year for _many_ projects. The number of proposals we received in KDE compared to last year (at least for my project) is a lot less. I believe it is due to Google's adjusting the payment value for each country's economy.


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        Originally posted by andrebrait View Post
        I would like to get involved. Then again, I barely have time to do my assignments and still have *some* time with my wife...
        How about doing team collaboration with your wife on the project?


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          Originally posted by cipri View Post
          Vulkan is the future for Linux (see the performance difference compared to opengl on linux), but wayland is not providing (and I suspect they even don't plan to have) a direct way vulkan to do the drawing. You have to go around over egl.
          Can you elaborate on that? You're not trying to write a compositor, just a graphics framework that wants to act as a wayland client and do Vulkan rendering, right? Why can't you create a Vulkan surface from you wayland surface and render to that?

          Also, re: Microsoft at universities: It's just as bad in Germany. They even recruit "Microsoft Student Partners" from within the student body to evangelize even more students, almost like a cult. It's pretty disgusting. I'm not even going to talk about how my whole university runs almost solely on Microsoft products..
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            Originally posted by nanonyme View Post

            How about doing team collaboration with your wife on the project?
            My wife is a biologist. She can code some simple things in Perl and Python but that's about it. Even then, she doesn't really like the stuff. Also, collaborating doesn't count as spending time together.


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              Originally posted by Danny3 View Post

              I'm afraid it's too late. Microsoft is throwing a lot of money to bribe everyone to use their products...
              We know that the Munich decision remains a big embarrassment for them, and they are still throwing a lot of effort into trying to overturn that.

              But I don’t think it’s too late. Not when you see how they are being forced to add a Linux compatibility layer into Windows--they know that is the only way to attract the developers now. But then those developers will realize: why pay for an inferior imitation when you can get the real thing for free?


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                Originally posted by phoronix View Post
                Phoronix: Students Are Missing Out On An Incredible Opportunity To Get Involved With Mesa, Wayland
                do my homework for me
                For student developers wishing to look for an interesting summer project while being paid by Google, the GSoC application deadlines are on Monday, 3 April. Sadly, the X.Org/Wayland/Mesa turnout so far for applicants are very low...

                Wayland currently works quite well with the open Intel, Radeon, and Nouveau drivers, including the Mesa Gallium drivers.
                This is for those who want to participate.