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Students Are Missing Out On An Incredible Opportunity To Get Involved With Mesa, Wayland

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    Originally posted by cen1 View Post
    As a former student I can hardly imagine myself getting involved in mesa at that time. The knowledge required is simply too high unless you are a graphics enthusiast at that age somehow.
    how you can talk about what you don't know is a mystery. First learn to learn then you can talk about what have you learned. The first rule to know is to know to not know enough.
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      This has been a problem this year for _many_ projects. The number of proposals we received in KDE compared to last year (at least for my project) is a lot less. I believe it is due to Google's adjusting the payment value for each country's economy.


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        Originally posted by andrebrait View Post
        I would like to get involved. Then again, I barely have time to do my assignments and still have *some* time with my wife...
        How about doing team collaboration with your wife on the project?


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          Originally posted by cipri View Post
          Vulkan is the future for Linux (see the performance difference compared to opengl on linux), but wayland is not providing (and I suspect they even don't plan to have) a direct way vulkan to do the drawing. You have to go around over egl.
          Can you elaborate on that? You're not trying to write a compositor, just a graphics framework that wants to act as a wayland client and do Vulkan rendering, right? Why can't you create a Vulkan surface from you wayland surface and render to that?

          Also, re: Microsoft at universities: It's just as bad in Germany. They even recruit "Microsoft Student Partners" from within the student body to evangelize even more students, almost like a cult. It's pretty disgusting. I'm not even going to talk about how my whole university runs almost solely on Microsoft products..
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            Originally posted by nanonyme View Post

            How about doing team collaboration with your wife on the project?
            My wife is a biologist. She can code some simple things in Perl and Python but that's about it. Even then, she doesn't really like the stuff. Also, collaborating doesn't count as spending time together.


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              Originally posted by Danny3 View Post

              I'm afraid it's too late. Microsoft is throwing a lot of money to bribe everyone to use their products...
              We know that the Munich decision remains a big embarrassment for them, and they are still throwing a lot of effort into trying to overturn that.

              But I don’t think it’s too late. Not when you see how they are being forced to add a Linux compatibility layer into Windows--they know that is the only way to attract the developers now. But then those developers will realize: why pay for an inferior imitation when you can get the real thing for free?