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DRM Updates Submitted For Linux 4.11, Torvalds Explodes Over Code Quality

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    Finally! It's been a long time since the last Torvalds shit show! I was almost starting to think that maturity toned down his attitude. Thank god I was wrong!


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      Originally posted by yoshi314 View Post

      did you try that? Also, that is not the cpu scheduler's fault when i/o is concerned.

      Personally i think Linus makes the right decisions, as they prevent technical debt increase in the future. Not merging some dubious code now means that next time it comes up, it will be in much better shape and less end users will complain about build issues or instability.
      If linus and crew had actually merged pretty much any of the buffered aio patches iowait wouldn't occur as often and many less chunks of coal would've been burned in the meantime.
      Sometimes these people get a bug up the bum, bikeshed endlessly, and make no forward progress in thought over time.
      It's certainly not as though this process is fool proof. The kernel had, and has, so much crap that gets merged and then later, sometimes not more than just a couple of years, you'll see them removing said code, wondering why it was merged in the first place.
      ​​​​​​What linux really needs is a linux2, that scraps all the versioned syscalls, all the crap implementations of crap ideas that they, and us, consequently, had to live with because it either has some users or it can't really be fixed, and, for Frigg's sake, keep security and RT in mind from the beginning! These aren't things that are going away, and RT has been slowly making its way up from the radioactive cellars, to your pocket.


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        Originally posted by atomsymbol View Post

        If Linus Torvalds was serious about lowering programming errors and improving code correctness he would have had been writing code in an improved version of the C language that can catch more bugs and can better enforce code correctness.
        Originally posted by MaxToTheMax View Post
        Oh no, it's a staticdumentalist post.
        Just a note: Some years ago in an RWT forum discussion, I mentioned to Torvalds that because of the huge size of the Linux kernel source code he should have developed a general-purpose programming language specialized to the task. That would have had quite a number of advantages (and some disadvantages: for example some developers would incorrectly believe that learning a project-specific general-purpose programming language by necessity implies a steeper learning curve).


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          " MOM!! Linus has a potty mouth! "

          Ahh Linus. You are always good for a laugh at the end of a work day.