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Blend2D: Working Towards A New Software-Based 2D Renderer

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  • Blend2D: Working Towards A New Software-Based 2D Renderer

    Phoronix: Blend2D: Working Towards A New Software-Based 2D Renderer

    There's a new open-source project in the works aiming to be a software-based 2D renderer that uses JIT pipeline construction...

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    Why did he stop work on Fog? Is this a further development or something completely new?


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      As mentioned in the phoronix article : "It's an evolution of my older project called Fog, which you have mentioned on Phoronix a long time ago, but was never finished due to its complexity and lack of time." And it seems to be developped from scratch, though the developper is using some of the Fog's algorithms (see the roadmap on the website)


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        what i don't quite understand from the page is where Blend2D would fit in the typical OpenGL-Oriented 2D rendering application? especially:
        * is it even made for that kind of OpenGL-based rendering or even GPGPU-based rendering? Or is it made for CPU-only rendering? Especially the part about "taking advantage of CPU extensions detected at runtime" would tend to indicate the latter.
        * does the "pipeline compiling" thing include the optimization of the grouping and ordering of buffered OpenGL rendering calls - which is what engines such as the Qt Quick scene graph renderer do to gain performance? or is that completely outside the scope of this lib?


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          Roadmap suggests x86_64 specialized CPU implementation with the plan to implement GPGPU version through MPSL at some later stage.