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Heterogeneous Memory Management Aims For Linux 4.11

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    Originally posted by bridgman View Post
    The biggest problem we have had with Carrizo is that relatively few OEMs included the CRAT ACPI table which describes the hardware to amdkfd
    Maybe make it requirement for future APU?


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      We made it a requirement for previous APUs... it just didn't stick.

      Unless you are in a monopoly position it's tough telling customers "oh we won't take your money since you didn't include XYZ".


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        Then maybe put HSA checks into some conformance tests? With error message kinda like "Windows driver will not run without this table"?

        After all, isn't this compute stuff is second important selling point of APUs besides gaming? At least this is how it's looks like from presentations and marketing materials (and, yes, this works right now with OpenCL apps, but I don't think AMD makes HSA to stuck only with OCL for next few years).

        Also, is my understanding correct here or I missing something?
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          I mean, AMD can't get OEMs to use dual-channel memory for the APUs. And that really reflects badly on the product. So missing ACPI tables would be among the smaller worries.

          And yes, relying less on "To be filled by O.E.M." and more on drivers is probably a good idea.