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XRender with XComposite problem

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  • XRender with XComposite problem

    I'm having a problem using the XRender and XComposite extension. Here's what I'm trying to do. A client window gets directed off screen, some additions are made to the window then the new window gets put back. This is for one window, I'm not writing a window manager. The client application doesn't know that the window contents are being altered.

    The window redirection occurs correctly with XCompositeRedirectWindow. The modification of the window occurs correctly with XRenderComposite.
    I create a new window for the modified window and display that at the same location at the original input (which is redirected and not visible). The problem is event management. The original application expects to receive events in its window. I tried reading all events from the new window and sending to the original, but the client doesn't see them - maybe because the Window that I'm sending them to isn't visible (maybe an irrelevance or not, but the events in the client application that I'm looking for at at the Xt level, but I expected that these would come through the Window first).

    What am I doing wrong? How do events gets forwarded from a redirected window to the new window that contains the renederd output?