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  • More On Ubuntu's BulletProofX

    Phoronix: More On Ubuntu's BulletProofX

    Early this morning we published an article on Ubuntu's BulletProofX taking a simpler approach for its fail-safe mode when the X Server fails to properly start. No longer is the user bound to displayconfig-gtk but there is a menu system with options for diagnosing the problem and reconfiguring the xorg.conf...

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    fglrx-installer (2:8.532-0ubuntu1) intrepid; urgency=low
      * Add debian/kernel-source-patches/fglrx_8.9_2.6.27.patch
        to allow compiling against 2.6.27. (LP: #266956)
      * debian/
        - Use 2.6.27 patch when building against 2.6.27
      * debian/
        - Install patches in kernel-source-patches.
    Looks like they'll manage.


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      Looks like they use the patches the way I did, because I patch triggered by dkms and not by distro name (intrepid) which was default before. The patch itself is trivial - 3 lines to change triggered on 2.6.27 kernel, but they don't fix the ABI problem with Xserver 1.5 which looks like this:

      undefined symbol: miZeroLineScreenIndex