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2D Rendering On X11 Remains Barely Faster Than CPU Rendering

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    Originally posted by sdack View Post
    By the way I meant "prologue" not "epilogue"...

    So what about variable scaling? You do want to scale a window, or only a part of a layout, as fluent as possible and without any flickering and delays. Even a delay as short as 50ms will feel like pulling at rubber and not as if it's instantaneous. To make it appear instantaneous does it need to be 16ms or less, meaning, all images require to be resized within the refresh rate (16.7ms for 60HZ). On top of this do you have 4K displays and refresh rates going up to 100Hz (some gaming monitors even do 144Hz these days).

    Or look towards smartphones where these have display resolutions of 2560x1440 (at merely 5-6 inch). You want these to render their graphics as fluent as possible, or it will hinder finger gestures and feel like loosing touch with the display.

    Graphics the domain of GPUs and not CPUs, strictly speaking. So there shouldn't be a need for CPUs to compete with GPUs by increasing the complexity of software renders. Instead, the sensible way is to improve GPU rendering. It's not about if a CPU can or cannot do graphics, but about letting the right silicon do the job it was meant to do and to leave room on CPUs not only to do rudimentary tasks, but to offer room for new and yet unknown developments.
    I'm not arguing against GPU rendering per se. It's just that some problems are non-problems when good algorithms and practices are being used. I would be perfectly fine with a desktop that can't do GPU rendering. One reason is, I use ARM boards with no good GPU drivers. So, they basically require a fallback CPU rendering backend. They wouldn't work terribly well without a GPU and without proper caching. Blitting has been easy and efficient for years. Only now that the machines started to have huge instruction level parallelism, 512bit AVX, and 4-8 cores @ 4 GHz, the rendering speed of 64x64 pixel icons became an issue. My old Athlon XP 2000+ had no problems, but apparently my i7 6800K now has.