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Intel Calls For X Server 1.6 This Year

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    Originally posted by yoshi314 View Post
    rushed releases will mean no good. i doubt keith will be able to pull it off without sacrificing many features on the way.
    Rushed releases with cut features is a lot better than the current release method of delayed releases with cut features.

    I'd wager that 7.5 will mostly consist of all those features that were cut from 7.4, anyways.

    Let's hope Keith can get xorg to kick it up a notch.


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      Qt is building their printing infrastructure from scratch because they don't accept any code (be it BSD, LGPL or GPL) from community members.
      yeah they do. Did you notice how Phonon is part of Qt as of 4.4.0? That was a KDE4 technology that Trolltech adopted and expanded upon - not decided it was cool and completely rewrote.