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A KMS Driver Is Coming For Mini USB Projectors

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  • A KMS Driver Is Coming For Mini USB Projectors

    Phoronix: A KMS Driver Is Coming For Mini USB Projectors

    Hans de Goede at Red Hat has been working on a DRM KMS kernel driver for the Grain Media GM12U320 hardware...

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    I'm still more partial toward LASER-based pico projectors.
    (Like Microvision's former Showwx+ HDMI, now sold through 3rd companies like Celluon's PicoPro)
    - Absence of the Rainbow effect that DLP-based project suffer from (and I hate this more than laser speckle)
    - Better contrast (side by side comparison shows that laser's "30lm" looks better than LED's "100lm" *, as long as you don't mind the speckle effect).
    - No need to focus / projection on any random surface

    And those happen to use USB only for charging, and rely on wired HDMI (both) and/or wireless Micracast (Celluon) for image.
    So I'd be personally more interested in progress by the MiracleCast team and/or support for DP++ to HDMI dongle (which received some recent patches) than new drivers by the DisplayLink team.


    * : have no idea why. Lumen are supposed to measure the *percieved* light (based on model of light perception by human eye) so the higher should always be the brighter (as seen...). Maybe both type of projectors use slightly different ways to measure (see ANSI-lumen, etc.)
    Or maybe it's due to their technology (Laser projector scan their output exactly like an old-school CRT TV, whereas single DLP must pulse their color LEDs in sequence) having different percieved effects.
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