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DRM Patches For Linux 2.6.27 Kernel

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  • DRM Patches For Linux 2.6.27 Kernel

    Phoronix: DRM Patches For Linux 2.6.27 Kernel

    The Linux 2.6.26 kernel had featured updated Intel and ATI DRM that added the needed kernel support for the ATI R500 and Intel GMA 4500 3D support. While the merge window for the Linux 2.6.27 kernel has already closed, we will hopefully see a few more Direct Rendering Manager (DRM) patches...

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    Is DRM specific to each card GPU, or does the DRM not need to be updated for future GPU?

    Another way to ask the same =) Does the DRM contain GPU specific code?


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      Yes, a good chunk of the DRM is GPU-specific and the proportion of GPU-specific code is growing as memory management and kernel modesetting are added. Dave Airlie recently re-organized the DRM source code to make it more like a typical kernel driver and to make the GPU-specific portions of the code easier to find and manage.

      If you think of DRM as "the kernel driver for graphics" that will give you a pretty good understanding -- with the added complication that most of the same DRM code is also used with FreeBSD, Solaris and other OSes.
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        So that was what his huge patch was about =)

        Does this mean, that AMD will spilt future specifications up in a DRM spec, 2D, 3D, and ISA spec?

        Or can it not be divided like that?

        Thanks for the DRM ~ "the kernel driver for graphics" =)


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          Linus Torvalds to David Airlie:

          Originally posted by Linus
          Quite frankly, I'm not going to take this.

          None of what you describe sounds like regressions, and this is just TOO F*CKING LATE to take big changes like this, to a fragile subsystem that has historically easily introduced new regressions.

          Can you please make a branch with ONLY REGRESSIONS, or fixes for major problems that don't introduce several thousand lines of new code?

          Because you seem to be constantly unable to understand what "merge window" means. And I'm not going to take this kind of crap.

          Michael Larabel


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            Originally posted by Michael View Post
            Linus Torvalds to David Airlie:
            Hmm, I ve seen Linus being jumpy like that before. Maybe he should do some anger managment or sing "Im so pretty" when the steam goes up.


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              or maybe do like this guy? =)


              What did Airlie do? Will he still commit new patches?


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                Linus scares me :'(


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                  Scary and a little mean sounding maybe, but he /is/ right.

                  The thing is, I think the DRM folks wanted to get their code into the next volley of major distros....


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                    linus has a point, but sometimes (like this one) he is way too aggressive with expressing his opinion.

                    i'd be pissed if i were airlied, but i would also have to agree with linus. new stuff comes in merge window, after it's closed - it's bugfixing only.