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X.Org Server 1.18.2 Brings DRI3 Fixes, Better GLAMOR & XWayland Updates

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  • X.Org Server 1.18.2 Brings DRI3 Fixes, Better GLAMOR & XWayland Updates

    Phoronix: X.Org Server 1.18.2 Brings DRI3 Fixes, Better GLAMOR & XWayland Updates

    While there is nothing to report yet on the release of X.Org Server 1.19 even though we're nearing a half-year since the 1.18.0 debut, the latest xorg-server 1.18 point release is now available...

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    Maybe that'll fix gpu hands from i915 on skylake intel iris hardware. Let's hope!


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      I have a Radeon R7 250 (open source driver) and I tried out dri3 on my system. It caused a lot of crashes on my steam games. Any fixes for dri3 related crashes are great news to me.
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        So I updated x to 1.18.2, xf86-input synaptics git, xf86-input-libinput git, xf86-video-ati git and xf86-video-intel git and now X starts doing

        after a while. Hm...

        Edit: Wait, it might also by the kernel upgrade to rc7.
        Edit2: Nah, pretty sure it's xorg server. I tried updating to latest git and switched xf86-video-intel latest git from uxa to sna. Result: X completely locks up everything (no tty switch working anymore) while starting plasma and on the second try even on sddm. Then I removed xf86-video-intel and used modesetting. Still no prime offload sink capability :/. Looked better for a while, but after locking the screen and going away for a couple of minutes, X hangs again. tty switch still works, X again has 100% cpu usage, most of it kernel usage.
        Lastly, downgrading to 1.18.1 and using xf86-video-intel with sna again - so far it looks fine.
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          Confirmed: X server problem:

          Should we all run xorg git too to catch this stuff?


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            Any chance we could get another GLAMOR, SNA, UXA benchmark? It would be interesting to see if GLAMOR has closed the gap in terms of performance and/or power usage.


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              Over the weekend, I tried enabling DRI 3 on my Radeon HD 6450 in my HTPC running Kodi on top of Fedora 23 and GNOME Shell.

              Unfortunately, enabling DRI 3 resulted in graphical glitches when switching back and forth between kodi and other virtual desktops, so I had to disable DRI 3. Has anyone else seen any DRI 3 issues with GNOME Shell on F23?