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Allwinner A10 DRM Display Support Being Worked On

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  • Allwinner A10 DRM Display Support Being Worked On

    Phoronix: Allwinner A10 DRM Display Support Being Worked On

    Maxime Ripard of Free Electrons published a set of nineteen patches yesterday for adding Allwinner A10 display engine support via a new DRM driver for the Linux kernel...

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    If I want to use this drm driver with wayland
    Do I need to use some magic fork of libdrm or what?
    As there is kernel version of DRM driver and user space libdrm
    but I can't find libdrm version that can be used with kernel version.

    For example
    there is freedreno drm driver user space driver for kernel version
    Any advice in this area?


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      miskol, do you honestly planning to use driver which has been barely published a moment ago, for the very first time ever, and already got like 5-7 replies from reviewers, asking to change various stuff, scattered all around? At THIS point of time and space it sounds like a very troublesome plan, to begin with. Even some brand new features which were actually committed to mainline kernel proven to be be quite dodgy. And using very draft set of barely released patches? Uhm, well, I would not put my bet on success of this idea, unless you're really hardcore expert in DRM/KMS and ready to code of related stuff yourself. I think its okay to assume user-mode counterpart aka libdrm portion does not exists yet for this driver. Who in sane mind would target usermode things for driver which isn't even debounced/stabilized yet? Maybe i missed some efforts though, etc... in this case its okay to blame me, etc .


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        Michael, your title and content is a bit off, as it's not just the A10 that is supported with this work, but the A10, A13, A20, H3 and R8, I also believe the A31 and a few other newer SoCs are supported as well ...

        So this is a pretty big step forward!