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X.Org Server 1.18 Release Candidate Is Out

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  • X.Org Server 1.18 Release Candidate Is Out

    Phoronix: X.Org Server 1.18 Release Candidate Is Out

    While back in January, Keith Packard talked about X.Org Server 1.18 being a quicker release, it's turned out to be far from it...

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    How about a quote from jrodman?

    n mediums like print or TV, ads are somewhere between an acceptable compromise and an aggravating annoyance. They can detract from the content, and worsen the experience. On the web, however, ads are unsafe. They?re an attack vector on the user which has been exploited many times.
    Let?s break it down. If you?re a content provider, and you attack your users, you?ll lose business. So you?re unlikely to do that, or if you do you?re likely to go out of business. However, you aren?t an advertising broker, so you get your ads to display from a third party. The interests of the advertising broker are more of a mixed bag. They have interests divided between those displaying the ads, themselves, and those who pay to have their ads displayed. Primarily they have to side with those paying for ad placement. But we also have another set of parties, even further removed from the interests of the users. Those who pay to put up the ads. And there are essentially an infinite possible number of these parties on any single web page that you actually visit. And if they happen to be a fly-by-night shop, they get NO meaningful repercussions for running ads that attack users.
    The net result is that the advertising content loaded int your browser on any particular site that runs advertisements is quite possibly laden with attacks on your digital security.
    There is NO reason for users to take this risk, and there is fundamentally NO way to keep the current model of internet advertising while removing this risk.
    Everyone should block ads always for their own safety.


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      As for advertisements, of course I block them, because they are terrible. Too bad really, because I very frequently check out certain sites for things I'm interested in buying. Can you imagine if there was a single ad at the top and another at the bottom of the sites you visit, and they actually showed products that you were interested in? That would actually be pretty cool. You'd probably actually click them.
      Unfortunately targeted advertisement doesn't seem to work, and instead it's like watching daytime network TV, with tons of annoying shit you don't care about.


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        I think that Wayland is addware with its forced composition


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          Michael, when are you going to write about ATI Freesync and Nvidia G-sync, especially support in Linux? I'll probably buy into it (monitor+vga card) when Linux support gets there. Thanks.


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            I've already evoked it last time Michael spoke about not being able to attend conference due to tight budget:
            - Why not crowdfund the conferences ?

            A couple of months before a conference, plan a budget and put a campaign somewhere on indiegogo and the like.
            - If enough people are interested in sending Michael to report at some conference, why not give a little money toward it ?

            There are certainly a couple of conferences I would be ready to pay Michael to attend / report on and even do interviews.
            that being money in addition to my regular subscription to phoronix.

            (But no, I will never ever activate ads again. I viscerally hate to waste my bandwith on these.
            Instead of wasting my money on bandwidth wasted by ads, better give the money directly to Michael).


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              Originally posted by DonQ View Post
              Michael, when are you going to write about ATI Freesync and Nvidia G-sync, especially support in Linux? I'll probably buy into it (monitor+vga card) when Linux support gets there. Thanks.
              G-Sync is fully supported on Linux (with the proprietary drivers, of course). I use it all the time with no issues (it did seem to have some bugs on the first release, but those were fixed). It would be nice to see benchmarks, but at least I can assure you that it works.


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                Originally posted by deadite66
                I just hope some day i can rotate my 2nd screen without one of both of them dying on my Radeon card.
                I'm using such a setup as I type. It's a Radeon HD 5400 with the free source drivers and KDE SC 4.