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X Server 1.4.1 Is Released, No Joke

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    ... and today 1.4.2 was released.


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      I completely agree with the other posters. It's a disgrace that X is in such disarray. I think this is one of the most significant barriers to increased Linux adoption; X is great in many ways, but there are some places where it is clearly behind the competition, namely multi-head support, visual tearing, and other highly bad things. See guy's presentation on happy Linux desktop.

      X is arguably _the_ most important piece of the Linux desktop and it needs to see much, much more TLC from big vendors. Extensions for X, too; RandR and XvMC and next-gen video architecture really need help as well. It is so silly that Intel's VA has not become standard. If we expect free OSes to see higher consumer-level adoption, we have to make sure things like hardware video acceleration and Compiz work seamlessly, or at least far better than they do now.