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Linux Flash Player Is GPU Accelerated

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    Originally posted by Shakey_Jake33 View Post
    Along with unrar-nonfree.
    p7zip will do what you want.


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      I think people should help gnash development

      gnash plays youtube well right now, but still need better support for swf8/9.


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        Originally posted by Shakey_Jake33 View Post
        ^That would be ideal, and certainly I avoid websites that use Flash extensively over their website, because it's just annoying.

        But I use YouTube, VEOH, Google Video and the like all the time. swfdec works with YouTube, but not the other two. I've yet to get Gnash to work with either of them. It's all very well to say 'its that simple', but when you actively use websites /w Flash as part of your everyday computing, it's anything but simple.

        Of course, the sooner non-free Flash can be ditched, the better. Along with unrar-nonfree.
        oh i disagree.. i used to use sites with flash and crap, but then i realized what a piece of crap flash was, and so i issues i think only 1 command, to end it, i would call 1 command pretty damn simple.


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          Okay so compiz breaks GPU acceleration but what about other OpenGl programs? What about KDE4 Compositing?

          This also does not make sense. Why is it I am able to have compositing on and play games (native and in WINE)? I thought OpenGL related code is handled at the GPU driver level not the application level. Or maybe they are trying to control a part of GPU memory which breaks everything else, DRM anybody?


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            This is with non-Nvidia cards, the nvidia driver doesn't use DRI, so it isn't affected by DRI's shortcomings.

            DRI2/Gallium (which is in development), should fix this