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The Progress Of X.Org 7.4

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  • The Progress Of X.Org 7.4

    Phoronix: The Progress Of X.Org 7.4

    If all goes according to plan, X.Org 7.4 will finally be released this month. This release isn't quite as elaborate as X.Org 7.3, which introduced input hot-plugging, EXA enhancements, and RandR 1.2 to just name a few features, but X.Org 7.4 is another update better enhancing this X server. In this article, we are presenting a release overview of the features to be found in X.Org 7.4, what's been delayed, and how this release is panning out.

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    That last sentence or two bothers me.


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      This xorg release was exciting about 3 months it is late and simply meh. I shudder to think when 7.5 will come around how many features they're going to have to cut in order to make it timely. You know it is bad when half they features quoted are osx features.
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        They said that Gallium3D had simply vanished from the face of the earth, and then goes ahead and says it might be in the 7.5 release, any indications of that or is that just veery wishful thinking?


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          New xserver needs new Mesa (master) which isn't going to be released in time. Has this changed?