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XDC 2008 Kicks Off This Morning

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  • XDC 2008 Kicks Off This Morning

    Phoronix: XDC 2008 Kicks Off This Morning

    The 2008 X Developers' Conference (XDC) is kicking off this morning at the Googleplex in Mountain View, California. The XDC (not to be confused with XDS, the X Developers' Summit) is made up of a variety of presentations and lightning talks surrounding X.Org and upcoming work done by this important free software project.Initially the program ideas for this year's conference were rather limited, but they have started to fill up the schedule for this three-day affair...

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    Cool, more code from AMD/ATI is always welcome.


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      What happed to NVIDIA's open source plans?

      Andy Ritger seems to be the only NVIDIA representative in attendance. This is odd seeing as NVIDIA's Santa Clara offices are just a stone's throw away from Mountain View.
      Probably because they're backpedaling on any open source plans and want to save face. Or else they're ashamed of the sleaze campaign they've been spreading against Intel graphics, which has had full open source driver support for some time.