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Are these LG LCD TV:s Linux compatible?

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  • Are these LG LCD TV:s Linux compatible?


    I'm looking at buying a new LCD TV and I want to buy one that works painlessly with my Linux computer.

    I'm interested in these two models from LG and wonder if any of them will have any incompability problems.

    1. M228WA-BZ - D-SUB, DVI-D, S-Video
    2. M228WD-BZ - D-SUB, HDMI

    - I'm running Ubuntu Gutsy (will switch to Hardy beta any day now)
    - I have a GeForce FX 5200, running NVIDIA proprietary driver
    - I want to connect through the D-SUB connection

    I'm not sure what the kernel and graphics driver need to know about the monitor. I've never had any problems connecting to monitors otherwise, just thought it would be good to check here before I make my purchase: anyone suspect I'll have any problem?

    And a side question: the HDMI equipped is more expensive and draws more power -- is this due to the HDCP hardware? I must say I don't feel very happy about buying an HDCP infected monitor...

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    Just wanted to report back and tell you I went with the one without HDCP (M228WA). It works great, no problem what so ever, display modes were autodetected, colors and dpi looks fine. Great monitor I must say!

    Tested both with NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 and ATI X300 on both DVI and D-SUB.


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      I believe the LG is the better brand to go for. They come cheaper, better clarity, better sound etc... I recently bought a Samsung LCD myself after researching into the best brand to go for. Check out this website to find a great selection