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Metisse X Window System Roadmap

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  • Metisse X Window System Roadmap

    Phoronix: Metisse X Window System Roadmap

    Remi Cardona is currently talking at FOSDEM 2008 in the X.Org development room about Metisse. For those that don't know, Metisse is an open-source X Window System that was conceived as a French research project (and is incorrectly considered competition to Compiz)...

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    Is there a possibility of having subtitles in those videos? There are too many people that understand written English but not the spoken one.



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      Yes, subtitles would be really great.
      (The server ist slow, why are you not using bittorrent?)

      Thanks in advance

      PS: In fosdem_2008_eich.ogg I have unfortunately no sound

      edit: okay sorry, then it seems that it was my fault, sorry
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        Anyone is free to make a Bit Torrent, but I don't have the time right now as I am traveling.

        I find it odd that you'd be having slow download problems... It's a dedicated server in a data center and that server is virtually idle 99% of the time.

        I personally don't have the time to do any subtitles, but maybe someone does. Check out the articles at for the written important information anyways,
        Michael Larabel


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          I'm personally very interested in Xorg stuff, specially Radeon and X Audio.

          OT: Why xf86-video-ati instead xorg-video-ati?