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DisplayLink USB 3.0 Support Sounds Like A Mess

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  • DisplayLink USB 3.0 Support Sounds Like A Mess

    Phoronix: DisplayLink USB 3.0 Support Sounds Like A Mess

    While DisplayLink's USB2-based graphics adapters tend to be well supported under Linux even with a DRM/KMS driver, there's been no support for the newer DisplayLink USB 3.0 devices...

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    SMSC/MicroChip UFX-7000 might be a better documented alternative

    I tried to post the following to the blog listed in the article, but the web site said it was marking it as spam, so I aml posting it to Phoronix in case it might not otherwise be seen.

    I have not looked into it much, but, if you prefer a manufacturer that is currently being more helpful, it looks like SMSC/ openly publishes a 387 page data book for their UFX-7000 USB 3.0 framebuffer at . You can also get the documentation for the older UFX-6000 USB 2.0 version by changing "7000" to "6000" in that URL.

    It looks like there is an fbdev driver in linux/drivers/video/smscufx.c , and the SMSC web site also lists an Xorg driver, last updated in 2013 on github at, but I do not see a modern DRM driver and do not know if any of this software currently works.

    In case the URL I provided changes or does not work in certain browsers (it has embedded spaces), here is how I navigated to it. The product page is at . From there, expand the tab near the bottom of the page labelled "Documentation & Software". Then, under "Software Libraries", click "UFX Software Developer's Databok", which links to , which will take you to a page that has links for both the UFX-6000 (USB 2.0) and UFX-7000 (USB 3.0) databooks.