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Eric Anholt Leaves Intel's Linux Graphics Team For Broadcom

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  • Eric Anholt Leaves Intel's Linux Graphics Team For Broadcom

    Phoronix: Eric Anholt Leaves Intel's Linux Graphics Team For Broadcom

    Eric Anholt, one of the most prolific contributors to Intel's Mesa graphics driver stack in past years, has departed Intel to instead work for Broadcom...

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    I was sad when I saw the headline, but happy when I read the article. It's encouraging that more companies are becoming more open-source oriented, and especially good that it's the maker of the Raspberry Pi chipset.


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      Broadcom GPU is fast piece of hardware
      I remember NOKIA 701, 808
      128MB for GPU (same gpu as we have in rpi and other broadcom SOCs)
      It was so fast with VBO technique.


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        typo: 's/Intel open-sourced their graphics driver stack/Broadcom open-sourced their graphics driver stack/'


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          Isn't Broadcome selling their SoC unit?

          Maybe (potential) buyer is interested in FLOSS developments


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            "I've taken on a new role as an open source developer there. I'm going to be working on building an MIT-licensed Mesa and kernel DRM driver for the 2708 (aka the 2835), the chip that's in the Raspberry Pi."
            That is cool Good news for Raspberry Pi owners


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              Good Luck Eric

              Good luck Eric for your new endeavor, I met Eric, in the last LCA 2014, and although he knew, I am not a developers, he kept answering my silly questions about Wayland, OpenGl, android App for Linux !!!!!


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                Originally posted by przemoli View Post
                Maybe (potential) buyer is interested in FLOSS developments
                The Raspberry Pi Foundation is (according to public statements) interested in having the RasPi run on a fully FLOSS stack, but it's not their number one priority. So far they couldn't pull it off because having a decent and cheap SoC required some compromises, so they used a closed firmware/drivers SoC. Now it seems like they are slowly buying that piece of hardware into freedom.

                I just wish the USB controller wouldn't suck as much as it does. I had to replace my RasPi setup with a cheap zbox because the RasPi couldn't even handle two external HDDs connected via a powered hub without losing connection to at least one of them like every second day (and possibly resulting FS corruption etc). And I'm not even talking about the very poor USB (and therefore ethernet) transfer speed, which I was willing to accept.

                So? planning to do ethernet/usb/file storage-heavy workloads (i.e. more than ~3MB/s)? Don't use the RasPi. Planning to do GPU stuff and want to be sure it still works in a few years with up-to-date kernels etc? Maybe you can use the RasPi soon, thanks to Eric Anholt!


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                  Hm, poaching?


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                    Originally posted by curaga View Post
                    Hm, poaching?
                    Either way its a good sign for the future of Mesa.