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X.Org's Synaptics Driver Gets Big Changes, New Laptop Support

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    Originally posted by Mat2 View Post
    man synclient

    sudo apt-get install gpointing-device-settings

    I tried that, but half of it is disabled and some of the figures are wrong.


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      Originally posted by Britoid View Post
      I tried that, but half of it is disabled and some of the figures are wrong.
      I think it's dead. The homepage in the Ubuntu .deb does not exist and git only contains translation entry's. I see one code commit in 2010 though.

      If I were you, I would just create an synaptics_custom.conf in your xorg.conf.d and be done with it. No more fiddling with synclient and system-wide settings.


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        Yogo Pro 2 support is only half baked

        On a Yoga 2 Pro, using Kubuntu 14.04 with the latest 1.73 drivers, my touchpad fails to initialize as I have to blacklist the idea_pad-laptop module to enable wifi.

        Removing idea_pad from the blacklist enables the touhpad, but wifi will not initialize.

        I can't seem to manually revive wlan without removing the ideapad-laptop module:

        sudo rmmod -f ideapad-laptop
        Failed manual attempts at reviving the wlan were as follows:
        sudo rfkill unblock all
        sudo ifconfig wlan0 up
        sudo service network-manager restart
        even though:

        iwlist scan
        shows that wlan0 is "UP BROADCAST..."

        Looks like this issue can be resolved as per this bug report,, but patch has yet to land in the kernel.

        I sure wish the manufactures would put a little more time in testing their products with Linux and requesting Linux compatibility from their component vendors.


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          Yoga 2 Pro half bake update

          Update to post #13: Subsequent updates from the Kubuntu repositories have fixed the touchpad/wifi conflict. Touchpad works with the ideapad-laptop module disabled.