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DRI3 Support Merged For X.Org Server 1.15

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    Fuck Pointer Acceleration

    Originally posted by Ericg View Post
    Well unless I missed a headline, Wayland still doesn't have Pointer Acceleration merged, so by extension wouldnt XWayland then also be missing pointer accel? So yeah, an FPS would be out of the question lol.
    Still waiting to hear on the status of Pointer Accel, last time I talked to him, Daniel said it was on his TODO list but that was months ago. So idk if someone else took up the mantle or what.
    what ?! there is no getting rid of that crap, and you want that in ? to play ?!
    i didn't buy a gaming mouse for software "sensitivity" imitation and precision-breaking, no sir. that's 1.0/1.0 sens/accel for me, 4ever.

    i hope that was sarcasm.