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The Linux CONFIG_VT Mayhem

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  • The Linux CONFIG_VT Mayhem

    Phoronix: The Linux CONFIG_VT Mayhem

    In the past number of months on Phoronix there have been numerous articles about the conquest of David Herrmann and others to killing CONFIG_VT in the Linux kernel or at least deprecating it. Here's the latest material on the matter...

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    Gladly this Linux thing is open source, so he can remove this virtual terminals from his own kernel builds, but not mine, not anyone else's.


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      Seems to be Red Hat or Fedora sponsored action.


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        pacmd set-sink-volume 1 100000

        And use headphones...

        Edit: increment that 100000 slowly from 50000. I'm pretty sure it's safe but...

        Oh, and someone should probably make sure that display buffer exploit fix will get backported... it's exactly the kind of fixes that the stable distribution miss because it sounds like a feature. Though it would be hilarious to ssh an unprivileged user on a workstation in the office and vnc a screen capture back and to see what people are up to LOLz
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          Looking forward to this landing.
          David had done so much awesome just to get rid of our pseudo-userspace vt system. That that was so difficult suggests the way the current vt works is just bonkers. Of course him then saying that the code itself is also nightmarish just backs up my feeling.