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Where are all the XDMCP Greeter gone?

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  • Where are all the XDMCP Greeter gone?

    At work we want to build a desktop, where people can remote login into there normal workplace Linux desktops which are running with Ubuntu. Because the internal network is secure enough to use only XDMCP without any tunneling, we want to use just XDMCP. I was able to enable XDMCP Server support with LightDM, GDM3, XDM and KDM. But LightDM, GDM and XDM doesn't have a host-chooser anymore and KDMs host chooser seems to be a little buggy and sometimes doesn't show the Hosts with the X-Server waiting for connections.

    We need to use XDMCP because we have multi-screen setups running with Xinerama, so VNC isn't a choice for us.

    Is there any other way to get a host chooser for XDMCP either in LightDM, GDM3, XDM or any other Login Manager?

    And why did Gnome drop the support of a host chooser with GDM3? Are there any plans to bring it back?

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    It doesn't seem like XDM has dropped anything, check the log: