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Android's HWComposer Being Toyed With On KMS

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  • Android's HWComposer Being Toyed With On KMS

    Phoronix: Android's HWComposer Being Toyed With On KMS

    At last week's Linux COnnect Europe 2013 conference, there was a presentation regarding bringing Android's HWComposer on Linux KMS...

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    btw, I think he means "Linaro Connect" (as the name of the conference)

    And yes, you for sure want atomic modeset/pageflip for surface flinger (as well as for wayland). Solid fill background color could be handled via a (semi)custom property on the CRTC. And you'd probably also want a relatively simple enhancement to plane API to allow for "private planes" (which would otherwise be associated w/ the CRTC for backwards compatibility.. omapdrm and upcoming msm/freedreno drm driver are already structured this way in the code, with a private plane associated with the CRTC, although this isn't exposed to userspace yet). Everything that is needed for surface flinger will eventually be added to kms since we need it all for wayland anyways. OFC patches welcome, otherwise the dri-devel crew will get to it eventually as wayland becomes more prevalant ;-)