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VIA OpenChrome KMS Driver Finally Goes For Mainline

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  • VIA OpenChrome KMS Driver Finally Goes For Mainline

    Phoronix: VIA OpenChrome KMS Driver Finally Goes For Mainline

    After years of work near single-handedly by James Simmons, the independently-created DRM kernel mode-setting driver for many VIA Chrome IGPs is finally looking for inclusion into the mainline kernel...

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    Well, well, I'll try that on the next kernel. I still got some of these chips around so kudos to Simmons.
    Stop TCPA, stupid software patents and corrupt politicians!


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      Sounds like a joke

      This sounds like a joke. This would have been useful a decade ago.
      VIA sucks!
      Kudos to Simmons though for independently developing a open source driver!


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        I find it quite amusing when someone qualifies a company by the work of a third party. AMD doesn't give support for their older hardware, so what, VIA doesn't give support for older NOR newer hardware. Simmons is not working for them, the most he gets from VIA are some boards to test his work in and some docs. AMD does give at least one full-time programmer for their Gallium drivers. And their binary driver is in feature parity with their Windows' one. I'm not sure one can tell the same about VIA's binary driver. Also, back then, AMD was actually still ATI.