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First X.Org Server 1.15 Snapshot Released

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    Originally posted by Ericg View Post
    Thats why if you want open source got Intel. If you want closed source drivers, you go Nvidia. Nvidia typically has same-week support for new X releases and new kernel when necessary.

    AMD's OSS driver though the UVD support does make it more attractive.
    AMD's closed source driver is very slow to support new X releases and new kernels.
    Currently I have R500 (X1900) and R800 (HD5850) and as someone who already installed and readied 4 Intel systems (3 of which Sandy/Ivy), I would say radeon opensource driver is more than a match with Intel driver, except in 3D performance/watt.
    The bare hardware performance is still sufficient to cover the gap of radeon driver inefficiency at 3D. So you can safely count radeon in, except when its laptop. But then - I have a R500-based laptop and its working pretty good, while some users reported Intel laptops to have power management problems...

    AMD closed source driver was never something good, that's what AMD should nail at last in its own policy for good.