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OpenChrome Driver Is Far From Feature Complete

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  • OpenChrome Driver Is Far From Feature Complete

    Phoronix: OpenChrome Driver Is Far From Feature Complete

    The OpenChrome VIA Linux graphics driver is far from being feature complete...

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    suprisingly enough they're still better off than the people who got stuck with laptops with old gens radeons...

    at least they have a proprietary driver with 3d and a community driver with good 2d, with radeon igp's 330 340 345 350 you get jack shit, that-s what you get


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      I do not understand how people can't help to encode openchrome :/
      I have a via nano (chipset vx900) and it is a very good alternative to the Intel Atom and AMD e450


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        If the driver were good, VX900 would indeed beat Atom graphics, but even then it wouldn't be a match for Brazos.

        As for people not helping, not many people have Via graphics. Of those who do, how many are willing graphics developers?


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          new release of openchrome (3.3)