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Ubuntu 13.04 Won't Get X.Org Server 1.14

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    Originally posted by rgloor View Post
    "CONTRIBUTE HELP" for whom? Contribute and help for themself of course! Rather than helping and contributing for Wayland.
    Well, Canonical being on the ego trip, suffering from the "not-invented-here" syndrom.
    and NCLAH...


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      Why rev anyway?

      I mean sure it has a few bug fixes. Nothing particularly major.

      On the other hand it, as people have already pointed out, breaks the proprietary drivers to rev I don't understand why they need to update it at this time even if they weren't working on Mir. Other OS's don't play whack-a-mole with their driver model every few months either, do they?

      And besides, Ubuntu allows you to COMPILE AND RUN ANY CODE YOU LIKE, so if you want to update your version of for whatever reason in Ubuntu 13.04, then you are free to do that. By the way, you can also remove Unity AND Mir (whenever it arrives). Shock and horror!


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        Originally posted by uid313 View Post
        Fucking AMD and nVidia is holding back progression and innovation.

        Now, we're all stuck with an old version of X for another 8 months.
        Thanks assholes! Fucking AMD and nVidia!

        Even as a non-owner of AMD nor nVidia hardware, you still get fucked by AMD and nVidia.
        I fix it for you.

        Take a look:
        For the proprietary drivers, -nvidia now has a compatible release we can provide, but we're still awaiting updates for -fglrx and -tegra.
        So Michael for purpose "forgot" to mention Tegra driver and now you bashing AMD...