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NVIDIA Publishes PRIME Helper Patches

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  • NVIDIA Publishes PRIME Helper Patches

    Phoronix: NVIDIA Publishes PRIME Helper Patches

    NVIDIA is still working on a way to implement buffer-sharing for their closed-source Linux graphics driver...

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    Does this solve the no nvidia blob access issue? Or is this something else entirely?


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      And does it have any drawback to using DMA-Buff like initially intended?


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        All this appears to do is consolidate code that was duplicated between the nouveau/radeon/exynos drivers.

        So the intro about the binary driver is a red herring.


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          Originally posted by asdx
          So they are still trying to be a leech and get away with their crap as usual?
          It looks as DRM interface to DMA-BUF, shared by drivers. Almost certainly it won't impose GPL requirement for usage, and so lets NVIDIA blob use DMA-BUF implicitly. It won't allow use cases of DMA-BUF with proprietary drivers, though. At least while devs remain stubborn

          Maybe NVIDIA should open their kernel part, like mobile GPU people did. Clever driver work is mostly done in userspace (although it would still be very useful to nouveau folks for easier RE).


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            I suspect a lot more is done in kernel space by the NVIDIA driver because of their need to share that driver codebase with OSX and Windows (on Windows in particular a lot more driver stuff is done in kernel AFAIK)