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Samsung Continues On With Exynos DRM Development

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  • Samsung Continues On With Exynos DRM Development

    Phoronix: Samsung Continues On With Exynos DRM Development

    Samsung continues working on their open-source Linux graphics driver stack for their Exynos line of ARM-based SoCs. The Samsung developers' latest contribution is Exynos libdrm support...

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    I find it great to read this bits of news, but, is there any chance even so remotely, that samsung/texas instruments release any 3D bits for their SoC's?

    On a side note, isn't the samsung SoC using a mali based GPU? If so, does the new opensource mali driver work with this samsung bit?


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      Android code being merged back upstreams to mainline Linux kernel.
      Samsung contributing open-source Exynos code.

      I think maybe my next mobile phone will be a Samsung...


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        If Samsung had a phone that was as open/hackable as the Galaxy Nexus with a physical keyboard and screen (including use of the stylus for touching things that are too hard for fat fingers to touch) as good as a Nokia N900, that would be be the ideal candidate for my next phone when I eventually replace the N900.
        Even better if it had a GPU where the drivers (or at least everything but OpenGL) were open. (even better than that would be if the user-space library used to talk to the cellular baseband processor was open source but I know Samsung has valid reasons to keep that closed)