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ClickPad Support For The Synaptics Driver

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  • ClickPad Support For The Synaptics Driver

    Phoronix: ClickPad Support For The Synaptics Driver

    Besides X Input 2.2 multi-touch, within the X.Org / Linux input world, one of the recent patch-sets going through several revisions with comments has been for introducing ClickPad support in the Synaptics driver...

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    This soulds grate i have a HP with an area on its trackpad for disabeling/enable the trackpad and i really miss it when writing.


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      That type of support is not part of the clickpad and won't be included with the clickpad patches.

      To get it you need to patch the psmouse kernel module as well as the synaptics xorg driver. What distribution do you use?


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        Ubuntu 11.10


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          Originally posted by phoronix View Post
          The patch-set, which is comprised of ten patches, was originally authored by Chase Douglas at Canonical (yes, an upstream contribution from Canonical! [...]).
          If you take a wee peek at the xorg-devel archives, you will see that this is not even Chase's first upstream contribution on behalf of Canonical. (Hint: multitouch.)


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            To get the led support you need to rebuild the psmouse.ko kernel driver. I have a PKGBUILD for Arch Linux to do this [1]. You need to have the headers installed for your kernel and the source for drivers/input/mouse/.

            Then, to actually make that usefull you need to patch the synaptics xorg driver. You can see how to do this here [2]. There are two led patches that you'll need. All the clickpad stuff is obsolete. It was all originally written by a Suse developer. The clickpad stuff has been redone by an Ubuntu developer. So just grab the two LED patches.