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    Originally posted by Hephasteus View Post
    Ok. You are not allowed to use the mathematics equal sign. Because change is not zero sum. You don't believe it is and anything you express in zero sum mathematics is a lie.
    Of course change is zero sum. The mere fact that you're memeing something a sociopath told you about change indicates that they want to play a game with you and make sure you don't understand the rules.

    The industrial revolution is not for the benefit of the people. Since the industrial revolution governments have bragged about how there's never been a successful overthrow of the government since the invention of the machine gun. If things aren't zero sum then where is your gun the size of a volkswagen and your 50,000 horsepower turbine engine to lift it into the air. The industrial revolution was cementing the machinery for violent control of the population. The IT revolution is cementing the machinery for mental control of the population.
    The mere fact that you say change is not zero sum indicates that you are under sociopathic control. You're influencable and suggestible.
    Authority won't be undermined. It doesn't matter if it's the church killing you for saying the bibles wrong or the government killing you for not following it's rules. Earth is about ganging up. It's not a school to learn valuable lessons. It's a gang training ground.

    I'm only lying for your benefit to make this change easier. You'll see it's much better after the change. After the change It's not much better. The people who run this game are sociopaths. They lie they steal they cheat they make rules that they don't follow and they force and coerce and manipulate. They aren't against stealing. They simply want a monopoly on it. They aren't against advancing humanity they simply want the credit for it. They teach rediculous concepts. Like If I were to give you a million dollars and then try to make you believe that I gave you something that would be a lie. Until someone gives you something for those dollars I haven't done anything and didn't do anything. Any gratitude or thankfulness or anything at all directed towards me is a lie. I've simply given you permission to have your needs or in this largesse donation your trivial wants met by other servants who collect those debt tickets.

    People get this as various forms of self. Be it the individual self or the family self or the workplace self. Those are all various sizes and structures of gangs you involved with to co-create with the world. The largest gang is government. And they conspire against you. You know they conspire against you conspiring is real because when the government uses the legal system. Most complains have a phrase. Conspiring to .... blah blah blah.

    Any change is supposed to involve "sacrifice". Like during the 60's the blacks had to fight for rights that they should have gotten anyway. They had to expend enormous amounts of resources in order to affect a change that should have been free.

    But people weren't facing those inequalities in their waking life or in their dreams. They were being told change is not zero sum and everybody benefits from it and the universe doesn't follow any rules about dominance and submissiveness. God's love is infinite and if you just deposit 10 units of love in it you'll receive 100 back because there's magic multiplier voodoo math. Actual result deposit 10 units receive back 1.

    Let's take a social change structure and analyze it. Freon 12. You were told the change was good for the environment and that you had to go from paying 3 bucks for a lb of freon 12 to 9 bucks for a pound of 134a. Meanwhile nasa dumps tons of the stuff every time it launches anything straight into the atmosphere. The protection of the environment had nothing to do with they just wanted to charge more for freon submitted falsified evidence for the change. If things aren't zero sum then why are you paying more for freon and nasa is launching more stuff for less money?

    People lie for a reason. To garner support for something that is harmful to another person. Because they don't want to be punished for being honest. Because they simply don't respect you or care enough about you to tell you the truth.

    The federal reserve was not instituted after much debate and explanation. It was instituted when congress went off on christmas break and a few guys hung around and passed it. Social security was instituted as a benefit to the person. It's actually just a tax and has been unfunded and take from the minute it's paid. Proposed healthcare reform is the same formula as social security. Forcing you to pay into it promising benefits when it would fall apart in 5 years. It's just a tax. Nothing more nothing less.

    Nobody tells you microsoft doesn't make money. They simply issue stock use the money to buy things fight for dominance and pay employees. Nobody tells you that "investors" in microsoft are government ira's, corporate ira's and 401ks and the fed. Who simply buys stock and puts it on the national debt.

    Nobody tells you that when you buy a house you counterfeit the money to make the counterparty whole and then pay the banks who are the real government double for the house which actually loses value through detoriation as you own it. Nobody tells you that if you refuse to pay property taxes you're little illusion of home and land ownership will be crumbled by government coming in taking it selling it to someone else for taxes. Because they own your house like a boss, like a boss with guns, their accounts recievable department is armed and psychotic. When they draw a map and property lines they aren't just drawing. They are owning the property they map out.

    Nobody tells you that if you simply refuse guidance and mentally rebel strongly that you are unable to have manipulative dreams because you are generating counter force energies that make it extremely difficult and annoying to you're "guides" who are trying to help you fit into their pimp my mansion reality show. Nobody tells you that duress laws are rediculous because duress is omnipresent. It simply takes many forms and tacticts.
    Is that heroin you're cooking in that tinfoil hat?


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      Originally posted by Azpegath View Post
      Is that heroin you're cooking in that tinfoil hat?
      There's some truth to what he's saying. I think, at least, that he means that the entire silicon valley came to life because of US government funding and recruiting the best from universities for radar yamming, radar creation, code breaking, among other things. That's becasue it was needed during WWII.

      Without it; no IT industry as we know it.


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        Originally posted by Hephasteus View Post
        You are talking about the basic politics of change.
        Dude, let me break it down to you right away:
        People fear what they don't know and oppose (X11).
        Once accepter people hold on to it realy hard because they put so much effort into accepting it that they won't let go (X11 crowd).

        GPGPU's are heavily multithreaded, while CPU's area heavily single-threaded.
        Some things can be broken up in parallel (GPU), while others problems are serial by dependancy (CPU).

        There's nothing else to look at.

        Yes I know; coorporations have money. Coorporations fund two parties. If party doesn't do what it wants; funding stops. Party wants to be reelected: Party agrees with coorporative will.
        But that's the US; freedom as in free for all. Welcome to the real world.

        The earth has about 190 countries. Each country is run differently. I'd say choose the one you like.


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          Originally posted by V!NCENT View Post
          There's some truth to what he's saying. I think, at least, that he means that the entire silicon valley came to life because of US government funding and recruiting the best from universities for radar yamming, radar creation, code breaking, among other things. That's becasue it was needed during WWII.
          Without it; no IT industry as we know it.
          Well, there would have been an IT industry as we don't know it. IT might have been born during the WWII, but it would have been inevitably created at most a few years later.

          Because IT was necessary not only for code breaking but for all types of scientific tasks. For example, the rocket that delivered the first satellite ("Sputnik") would have been impossible without computers - even at 1957!