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Is VIA Back To Playing With Linux, Gallium3D?

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  • Is VIA Back To Playing With Linux, Gallium3D?

    Phoronix: Is VIA Back To Playing With Linux, Gallium3D?

    Back in January I heard from VIA that their open-source Linux strategy / support was basically dead. They don't have the resources or justification to do the work any longer, and their Linux TODO list was basically shot. In the years since they announced they were trying to become open-source friendly (and follow the steps of ATI/AMD), they only managed to push out some partially open-source code and some chipset documentation. But could they be playing around with open-source graphics drivers again?..

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    Don't get your hopes up. He's probably trying to use Linux on a VIA machine and wants 3D softpipe. The kernel driver and DDX need work first. When you see VIA engineers inquiring about them, then there might actually be fire to go with the smoke.


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      Originally posted by Qaridarium
      hi... what is wrong in a good "3D softpipe" support for VIA hardware on linux ?
      Nothing. All I was saying is that one little message to a dev list doesn't indicate that VIA is about to put any significant resources into open-source graphics development.


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        Frankly, I've lost any hope in getting code from VIA. I don't mean they don't want to be useful, but they really don't want to spend significant money, so all I expect from them is to release docs.
        Anyway, I might be wrong, and it could be better or worse than I think.

        What I do know because of the dev's mailing list of Openchrome is that Simmons wants to get the mesa openchrome's branch in shape once he's done with LVDS, KMS and RandR support. I hope he doesn't get annoyed of working so much time in the same thing alone.


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          Can we, I mean VIA, please leave the dead rest in peace?
          Stop TCPA, stupid software patents and corrupt politicians!


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            Talk is cheap. When VIA commits resource or at least publish something, then I'll believe it.