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xrandr panning causes freeze.

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  • xrandr panning causes freeze.

    On my Salix (slackware 13.37 derivative) xrandr zoom works OK but xrandr with panning only works for a little while. Then the system freezes. I want to get back to the status I had in previous versions of Slackware, where a simple change to xorg provided both the zoom and the pan facilities. You could change the zoom with a simple <>ctl><alt><+> sequence. Unfortunately Slack 13.37 does not have a file named xorg.conf but rather a directory called xorg.conf.d and additions to that directory don't restore either the zoom or pan features.

    I can't go back to earlier versions of Slackware because essential software requires Qt4 and my attempts to have both Qt3 and Qt4 on the same partition have not been successful.

    Any suggestions?

    John Culleton