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Texas Instruments Proposes Extending DRI2 For Video

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  • Texas Instruments Proposes Extending DRI2 For Video

    Phoronix: Texas Instruments Proposes Extending DRI2 For Video

    Rob Clark of Texas Instruments has proposed to X.Org developers that the DRI2 protocol be extended so that overlays can display video content, as a possible replacement to X-Video or for a client-side X-Video API on top of DRI2...

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    hmm.. if he's willing to do such a pile of work he better spent his effort on something more exciting, like porting va-api (or vdpau) where it's not available - wouldn't it be better?


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      I don't know the details, but....

      Xv is used for doing YUV to RGB conversions and for scaling YUV using video cards acceleration. It's actually extremely efficient at this.

      I am guessing that this sort of thing is still going to be needed for more modern codec acceleration. So that while you can replace Xv with something else you still need to have the same functionality.

      Plus Xv is used by a lot of software already.


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        Interesting, but while they are add it could they do this also for decoding and encoding images and sound.

        He should propose to be able to use Xv with DRI and write the necessary interfaces for that.