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Smooth Scrolling Targeted For X.Org Server 1.12

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    Originally posted by pingufunkybeat View Post
    If I press PgUp, it should be instantaneous. I don't want it animated.
    And that is the statement I wanted to pull out of you It's about personal taste, not about an inherent problem of animated scrolling


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      As long as there is animation (movement over time), there will be some lag, it won't be instantaneous, however fast it is. That's the point I was making, but this is largely irrelevant.

      Apparently, this refers to faster scrolling when using input devices that do not use (noticeably) discrete steps, such as touchpads, so there is a legitimate use for this technology, besides the annoying animation, so all is cool.


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        No, it's not cool. We want you to disable all the compositing effects you may have enabled in kwin. Or keep quiet about instantaneous things.


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          Per pixel scrolling is the bomb when using touch input. Works well on the Mac, though oddly browsers do their own thang. (Opera being the last to get their per pixel scrolling correctly implemented.)

          Now that I have a Mac I haven't used linux in ages, but it's still nice to see progress being made