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A New QEMU QXL Driver Uses UXA

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  • A New QEMU QXL Driver Uses UXA

    Phoronix: A New QEMU QXL Driver Uses UXA

    Soren Sandmann Pedersen has announced the release of the xf86-video-qxl 0.0.13 driver. The QXL X.Org driver isn't commonly talked about at Phoronix like the ATI/AMD, Intel, and Nouveau Linux drivers, but this is the driver used for the QEMU para-virtualized guests with the QXL Virtual GPU that is found in SPICE, the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization System. This driver brings some semi-interesting changes...

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    That's neat; does that mean vm guests will have better graphic/video performance? Are there any distributions aside from Fedora that are planning on implementing SPICE?

    OT: It seems you usually put "this" before describing something, and/or you name the thing explicitly, even when it's the only thing you're talking about. Is that an editorial thing, or just how you learned to write?

    For instance, instead of "This QXL driver update", you could have written, "This driver update", since we (the readers) should already know that we're talking about the QXL driver.

    And in your article titled "Has AMD Finally Fixed Tearing With Its Linux Driver?", I noticed another common (for "non-native" English speakers, at least) mistake:
    While the Catalyst 11.1 driver only officially mentions Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.0 production support and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.6 "early look" support as the changes, but there is more.
    "While" and "but" are both transition words, so one of them has to go. I would have reworded the sentence, too, but I'm not sure how.

    ...I'd be willing to work as an editor, part-time; would need to work it in to my school schedule, though. ;-)


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