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Oracle Makes TTM GPU Drivers Work On Xen

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  • Oracle Makes TTM GPU Drivers Work On Xen

    Phoronix: Oracle Makes TTM GPU Drivers Work On Xen

    Yesterday and today there's been patches published by Oracle's Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk that make it possible for open-source GPU Linux drivers that use the TTM (Translation Table Maps) in-kernel memory management to work within Xen virtualization. The TTM drivers include the open-source Radeon and Nouveau DRM drivers, among others...

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    "We're still waiting for a KMS and Gallium3D driver for KVM virtualization, and then we can really get excited."

    What? Actually this news is VERY exiting to me, as I use a lots of Xen. I really do not care about KVM. And Gallium3D should work with Konrad's patches without problems.


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      "but the number of people using Xen virtualization is down" where are your statistics? Yes, other virtualization technologies are growing, that does not nescessarily mean a decrease for Xen. I haven't read anywhere that Amazon EC2 is moving away from Xen.

      Why would Oracle make this opensource contribution, not because they have no interest in increasing their market share in the virtualization markets. Oracle is working hard to be a major virtualization player, Xen is a key component of that strategy.

      I'm sorry but I feel the need for need a small RANT now. When I read Phoronix I need to re-calibrate my compass:
      Ubuntu IS linux
      KVM IS virtualization

      RANT Off

      see ya


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        I agree with the RANT

        Some PFY at ubuntu decided to drop Xen for KVM. In terms of development, KVM is ALPHA SOFTWARE. Xen is PRODUCTION STABLE.

        KVM is a TYPE 2 hypervisor (go look that up, cos you need to obviously).
        Xen is a TYPE 1.

        So? you say SO? VMWARE got caught with their pants down on their type 2 hypervisor. After Xen came, VMWARE switched / created their own TYPE 1 Hypervisor. (their PRODUCTION NOW).

        So. KVM still looking hot? All because linus said he liked the IDEA. He didn't say he'd use it.

        Xen is about to BOOM after 2.6.38 how are you gonna manage to hide the fact that Xen is being pushed mainline, is active and BIGGER by magnitudes in terms of usuage on a global basis.

        About time you stop trumping KVM over something you don't DARE benchmark it against. EY. (depite the numerous requests.)