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VIA KMS + TTM/GEM Driver Moves Along Without VIA

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  • VIA KMS + TTM/GEM Driver Moves Along Without VIA

    Phoronix: VIA KMS + TTM/GEM Driver Moves Along Without VIA

    At the end of December we reported on the 3Dfx KMS Linux developer working on VIA code to provide kernel mode-setting support for VIA's IGPs in the Linux kernel and thus TTM/GEM memory management support too. This is after VIA had promised to deliver this support (along with Gallium3D support) in 2010, but failed miserably. This code though is now moving along but without any support for VIA...

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    nice... maybe 2011 is a good year for opensource drivers.

    last year 2010 i got a via based notebook for free and i fail completly

    i think a basic working 2D driver for via hardware is very importand.

    they should fokus on galium3D so they can get a good software rendering 3D part...
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      What, he can't get it up on


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        Originally posted by Wyatt View Post
        What, he can't get it up on
        ^^Nah, not his fetish...


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          If it's not too late give VIA a nice kick in the ass. From me. Thanks.
          Really, ask them what is going to happen on the openchrome userspace and kernelside. For all the chips from CLE266 to this recent card they brought out. Tell them that complete specs is often enough for the community if they don't have the manpower/knowledge at VIA.
          (I still hope to see my CLE266 and CN700 fly...)
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            So, this mean my S3 Savage Twister based laptop will get decent drivers, right?