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VA-API Support For Google Android Platform

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  • curaga
    Heh, of all the companies google forces Adobe to accelerate flash :P

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  • popper
    while its true there's now an Android entry , it seem thats a side issue, and its Far More likely that these patches are setting the stage for the Sandy Bridge internal Encode/Decode video engine coming in January, hence the new
    4) Update VAAPI for dynamic bit rate control/AIR/maximum slice size ctrl
    5) Added VA_STATUS_ERROR_DECODING/ENCODING_ERROR to report decode/encode error

    "kalas said:What's up with the humongous hex-blob in va_fool_264.h?"
    in effect its just a hard-coded 720P clip for the New Encoder tests their testing against.

    "+ * Do dummy decode/encode, ignore the input data
    + * In order to debug memory leak or low performance issues, we need to isolate driver problems
    + * We export env "VA_FOOL", with which, we can do fake decode/encode:
    + *
    + * . if set, decode does nothing, but fill in some YUV data
    + * . if set, encode does nothing, but fill in a hard-coded 720P clip into coded buffer.

    + * . VA CONTEXT/CONFIG/SURFACE will call into drivers, but VA Buffer creation is done in here
    + * . Bypass all ~SvaBeginPic/vaRenderPic/vaEndPic~T
    + * . if set, do nothing for vaPutSurface

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  • kalas
    Originally posted by phoronix View Post
    Phoronix: VA-API Support For Google Android Platform

    We have been tipped off that a few VA-API patches have hit the upstream libva tree for furthering along Google's Android support for this video acceleration API. VA-API is arguably the second best video playback acceleration API available to Linux users, after the NVIDIA-created VDPAU...
    What's up with the humongous hex-blob in va_fool_264.h?

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