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The X.Org Plans In Ubuntu 11.04, Again

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    Originally posted by RealNC View Post
    Because Ubuntu is not Fedora? (Meaning it's not an experimental, latest pre-beta bleeding edge distro, but rather intended to be solid and stable.) r600g is not considered ready. It's not even beta yet.
    And yet this is the same distro that recently released their Unity netbook desktop long before it was fit for use - sluggish due to their use of the immature Mutter WM, and all but unusable from the amount of screen space the desktop consumes.


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      Originally posted by Ragas View Post
      Actually it shouldn't concern you too much why exactly I want one.
      Maybe I'm just a fu**** retard that wants one because I like it.

      But open source 3D-support is essential since I want my compositing running. Actually I can use fglrx for that at first but on the long term the binary grapics drivers are a pain in the ass.
      Well i guess i am used to give advice to people concerning new purchases. Most people who know me in person always ask me before buying.

      Think about power consumption, power managing this beast is much more important than turning compositing on when running the opensource drivers...