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    "Back when the open-source drivers relied on user-space mode-setting, affected users could use a variety of options within the xorg.conf to override values and handle quirks within the server. However, with kernel mode-setting that support is out the window."

    You can still use custom configurations in your xorg.conf. That hasn't changed.


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      Originally posted by virtualspectre8 View Post
      I would love to see Windows 7 like Multi Monitor support on Ubuntu. You set it up once and it will remember the config, unplug the HDMI it will automatically return to the previous configuration.

      It might not be very easy to do or they might not have enough time to do it, but that should be the goal.
      That's already supported. The drm will send an event to userspace when a monitor is plugged or unplugged and the ddx will react appropriately.


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        Originally posted by Kano View Post

        When i used nomodeset option it did not help me much. nouveau.modeset=0 or radeon.modeset=0 helped however. Where is the nomodeset option evaluated?
        I don't actually remember, off the top of my head. I found it once but forgot now. I've always assumed it's universal, but I suppose it might actually be a Fedora-ism.


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          Originally posted by Chewi View Post
          Do you think GNOME should be responsible for it? I can accept that the configuration you want for GNOME may not be the configuration you want for something else but it would be nice to have some common interface for handling this.
          There is a common interface, and GNOME's display properties applet recently grew a button which applies the current GNOME configuration as the system-wide default.


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            And not documented anywhere. No mention of it in kernel-parameters.txt for example.