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A First Look At The 2010 Linux Graphics Survey Results

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    Originally posted by droidhacker View Post
    So the 1440x900 would fit under the 1280x1024

    IIRC I marked this option but as nobody is forced to think the same way this particular question may provide inaccurate results...


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      Graphing Fail


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        I'd say, showing data for each question separately is at best fairly meaningless, at worst a recipe for hasty conclusions (a key ingredient of FUD ).
        Crossing the data from several categories would be much more revealing, first to validate the quality of the gathered data. E.g. 80% of those who said they were "Enthusiast gamers" claimed they use VIA drivers? Down the flush, please
        Also I would be more careful in the wording, for example on page 2:
        Of Phoronix readers, NVIDIA commands 38.1% of the GPU market, ATI/AMD controls 35.4%, Intel handles 23.8%, VIA takes just over 1%, and the other vendors each take less than 1%. Compared to our 2009 Phoronix results, NVIDIA's market-share decreased a bit from 40% while ATI/AMD increased from 33% and Intel is right around the same at 24~25%. In 2008, NVIDIA's market-share was at around 40% too while Intel increased the most from 2008 to 2009.
        Ouch ouch ouch...
        1. All Phoronix readers haven't necessarily answered the survey - so "a such and such percentage of the respondents" fits much better
        2. Phoronix readers who participated this year might not have done it the years before, so "market-share" might be misleading. Rather "Representation among the reviewed population"... But yeah it's a mouthful :P
        3. Remember that you asked people to fill one form for each system they own
        If you dabble with statistics even remotely seriously, you HAVE to be acurate. It's either facts or bull, no middle ground.


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          Originally posted by JantarMantar View Post
          I never understood why people deeply care about open source drivers.
          Here are my main arguments, both of which are technological:

          1. I do not like a slowly updated proprietary graphics stack holding back kernel updates on my Linux systems, e.g. not being able to take advantage of new filesystem features or fixes because Catalyst/fglrx does not run on that kernel.

          2. You can pry working suspend/resume on my laptop from my cold dead hands. Proprietary drivers have always caused problems here and I simply do not trust them anymore.


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            i use catalyst, on PC i dont need suspend i just need performance, play games etc.


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              I also have some feedback about the survey. First the resolution question: I run a 22" screen 1680x1050 pixels and just confused which option to select. I could find by doing a simple multiplication but I was so tired and lazy at that moment and just didn't do it. I think that every user don't have to do that multiplication just to find the right choice. Maybe more choices with standard resolutions on different aspect ratios can be given for selection and then these choices can be boiled down again for simple analysis.

              Second point is the usage analysis of the Linux systems. While this is a graphics survey by nature, it tries to span as many users as possible but according to survey I can either be a mainstream user, some kind of 2D or 3D artist or a hardcore gamer. What if I'm a developer of either desktop applications or games for example? By without including such an option I feel that everybody is assumed to be a developer (which is good) but IMHO having another checkbox is not that bad.

              Otherwise this is a pretty good effort to learn what people think. I wait it eagerly to fill and wait the results like a small child.

              Oh, on the charts: Maybe making them 3D and using some better colors may help a lot. Also giving historic data may help us to see how demand changes or how the drivers improve.


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                What category covers doing CUDA or ATI Stream calcs on the GPU?

                That's what most of mine are for. Until very recently we (BOINC folks) had no choice but to use the proprietary drivers and again, until recently, what was in the repositories was too old.


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                  I'm using GMA4500 with my laptop and a cheap processor (Intel celeron E1400 dual-core) and with the latest intel driver, xorg, libva... I must say everything fine and video (720p and the few 1080 I have) is just perfect even using an external monitor at 1680x1050.
                  In the other hand windows7 with the same laptop and the latest intel drivers give is not able to get the same results specially with the external display.


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                    oh yes it is

                    Originally posted by droidhacker View Post
                    Note: It is NOT the job of the driver to override defective input data
                    It IS the job of the driver to function properly when I plug a totally standard Dell monitor into my computer.

                    Linux driver code is FILLED with exceptional hardware cases.


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                      Video acceleration more than twice as interesting as Gallium?! >.<

                      nVidia has more share of the pie, but all the Ati drivers summed up, have more share of the pie than the nVidia blob plus the FLOSS driver ???

                      Ubuntu users have the largest share of the pie ( 1.7.6), however it's only 36,21%, so why does Ubuntu recieve so much cobverage ???

                      13,62% of all people here hook their PC up to their TV? Is this a mistake? HDMI is not TV-out, right?

                      65,40% of everyone who filled in the survey 'only' has a single display, however "Which of the display feature(s) do you use?" says 36.61% of the people have Multiple Display Heads.

                      Then 5.47% of all people use Gnome-Shell / Mutter, while the Gnome people use Gnome because it's so freaking conservative and stable, but then go on and _use_ GS/Mutter. Care to explain why this is nothing but pure fanboyism?

                      To up the WTF stage even higher: people with modern graphics card that are modern enough (PCI-E) have a processor that's modern enough for video playback. So why does one care about video offloading is only for HTPC's, but suspend & hibernate (what you must have on an HTPC, is 8.34% of interest, while video offloading is 15.52%.

                      And we're not there yet; how much percent uses a compositing window manager? 68.65%, while 23.47% says they use Visual Desktop Effects.

                      Conclusion: This survey has "Bullshit" spraypainted all over it.