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    Originally posted by Xake View Post
    Please stop this list, it looks like you are more doing a salespeach for Ubuntu then actually listing where they have contributed upstream (remember being upstream is not the same as contributing upstream), and not being upstream they are pretty good at sometimes. I think one of the reasons for Fedora to look for other alternatives then upstart was the lack of interests from the maintainers @ Canonical in older versions even if they existed in still supported versions of ubuntu.

    Yes Canonical does much to give back to the community, but for example the openssl fiasco some years back shows how bad they are at it sometimes (and yes Debian should have some flogging for this too) where they instead of bringing a patch upstream and getting a comment on why the patch is bad they just incorporate it and leaves their users whith badly broken keys securitywise.
    I will stop this list when people stop complaining about how Ubuntu does nothing for upstream. Sometimes they are upstream, sometimes they contribute to upstream. That they sometimes make a mistake doesn't change that.